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    This morning my alarm went off an hour later then it was suppose to. It someone just changed the time it was suppose to go off. I spoke with a friend who has a pre and he experienced the same issue this morning. Anyone else having this problem?
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    O_O the same thing happened to me except it was on my old blackberry curve. I just use it as an alarm clock, but my alarm was an hour off today.
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    Daylight savings time used to end the last Sunday of October? Someone messed up the code?
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    nope, alarm went off as usual today, I did set it last night though.

    And yes, this past weekend was what 'used' to be daylight savings roll back...
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    did not see this problem this morning. hope i dont see it ever but it would be a great excuse to show up late for work concidering i work for sprint and can blame it on my phone lol
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    No problems here either. Alarm was fine.
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    My alarm went off at the correct time this morning.
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    mine also went off at my normal time. I set my alarm last night, if that made any difference.
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    thats so funny so did mine instead of 640 it was 740

    using my acer aspire tethered to my palm pre

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