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    If it's not a gaming phone, and it's not a phone for a business man, who is this phone for then?
    It's a phone for the busy person
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    Yea, the problem is it isn't offering what the business person really wants either. The calendar is half-assed. The text-message system doesn't have forwarding capability, or a way to set up a group if you send out messages to the same group of people. Docs-to-go? A good Task App would be nice. As well as a "non-childish" note taking app would be needed.

    If it's not a gaming phone, and it's not a phone for a business man, who is this phone for then?
    Whoa, the calendar is half-assed? I beg to differ. I've completely given up on my iPhone for business stuff. Its email is clunky, and the calendar is craptastic. Heck, the Pre even dings my meeting notices a couple seconds before the iPhone. It's practically eager.
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    I have said that we need more games.......but then there are these strange people that always say that we don't need games.......the big question is WHY????.....the iphone wouldn't be what it is today without games......I'm talkin about real games not stupid ones that we would have played on atari or some other old system like that........I understand that the pre doesn't YET support cool games.....all I ask is that those who don't think that the pre needs some better games please don't shoot down our ideas doesn't matter what apps delvepors make first......if we encourage develpors to make apps that are better more people will like the pre and that will make even more delvepors interested in the pre....which means.....MORE APPS!!!!! And better ones and not just games......

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    so many opinions about if its even possible for the developers to make "cool" games. i really hope that it is possible and things keep progressing for this very new phone. i think my pre is great for me. i consider myself a busy business person . im out and about way more than half the day and i need a computer in my pocket and the pre gives me that. soon i will be playing awesome games on it? maybe?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SensorMan View Post
    Those services obviously aren't written in JSJSJS ($I$ $suppose$ $C$ $or$ $C$++) $as$ $they$ $directly$ $communicate$ $with$ $the$ $hardware$. $If$ $such$ $a$ $service$ $is$ $available$ $for$ $accessing$ $the$ $GPU$ $it$ $can$ $use$ $all$ $its$ $features$ $while$ $being$ $accessed$ $using$ $JS$
    Keep in mind that the GPU needs OpenGL ES commands to do rendering. So the real critical aspect is to have some native implementation of OpenGL ES in the OS and SDK (ie, libraries or a framework). Stuff like webGL provides the connection between that and javascript.
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