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    So I am sitting on a plane right now about to take off for a 7 hour flight. I would like to make some playlists since I have a lot of time on my hand....anyone know how to make permanent playlists? If not....why not? Did someone patent this obvious feature?
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    I think you want to get the Music Player (Re-Mixed) and utilize its Fly-list.

    The default Music Player does not allow you to create playlists on the Pre itself. It will only play the play lists you setup in iTunes on your Host PC and synced to your Pre.
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    Music player re-mix is the way to go. I find it to be much better than making playlists using Itunes. If you use player re-mix's "flylist" feature, you can create,edit, and delete playlists right from the Pre without using Itunes or any other music manager.

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