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    I have read many issues dealing with static and the bluetooth or car attachment but I continue to have issues with static when just making a regular call or when someone calls me. The static comes out of the earpiece as well as when i plug in the head jack. I have totally reset the device twice, once using webosdoctor, it would help a little but the static always comes back. It started this just after the first webos update. I have had the phone since July so I cannot return for another. Anyone have any ideas?
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    dblkman, I've been having similar issues however, it's only been while using my oem earbuds. And it's due to my headphone jack being loose. It wiggles and when it does, static. I'm going to reset my device and take it in for Sprint to fix or replace. I suggest you do the same as it's only going to get worse.


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