We're deploying a few Palm Pre's, getting away from the crappy WinMo HTC Touch phones we have, and the Treos (and a couple of Centros) which are are getting long in the tooth (OS wise). Total replacements? 4-8.

Did the first one today. It's build was fabulous! Screen was gorgeous, no "hot spots" or dead pixels. Came with WebOS 1.1 (did not check the MFG date), updated to 1.2.1. Slider = awesome. We'll see if the 60+ year old guy (the BOSS) can get used to it. He wanted his stylus back -- he had a HTC Hero, so I'm sure he'll be OK with this one. (And he _loves_ the Simple Bible, and the Dot Game).

We have another we're going to activate Wednesday. After that, we'll have the "second boss" to do, which we don't have the phone for yet.

Made me wanna go get mine replaced - since mine has the USB port crack stretching to the edge of the screen....