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    Has this happened to anyone? I've changed a few of my contacts' photos a few times tonight and now a few of those contacts are reverting to their earlier pictures when I dial them. The contact picture is correct but the image when I dial that contact is the one from before! It's so weird. Is there some kind of cache I need to flush? Rebooting the phone doesn't seem to help either.
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    How did you change the picture because if you changed them within the edit part of the contact it should work. Also which profile of the photo is the primary profile? The picture that is used in the PRIMARY profile is the picture you will see when dialing a contact.
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    Yes, I did change the picture with the edit part of the contact. All of my contacts have one profile so the new picture should apply to just that.
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    I have experienced this as well, even on contacts who are just a mobile number and no other linked profiles, the picture shown on the contacts page as well as in text messaging, is different than the picture that comes up when making/receiving calls, a bit strange, tried to delete picture, restart phone, add new picture and old pic still comes up during dialing, a bit strange. It doesnt bother me much except for the fact that I accidentally put a picture of my sister for of my friends, and when i changed it, whenever my friend calls me my sisters picture still comes up.
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    My problem was they wouldn't stay, so I just went through Gmail & added them there & it worked.
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    OK, at least I'm not the only one! It doesn't bother me too much either, but makes adding a new contact pic useless. This should be addressed in a WebOS update.
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    Yeah, this happens to me. I changed the primary profiles on a few contacts from Facebook to Google. When I dial them or they call me, it still pulls up the Facebook picture. On some Google-only contacts, I changed the picture, and the old one still comes on in the phone app.
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    if you have multiple profiles linked to your error contact pic, unlink it. Assign your new pic to the contact and then relink it. This usually fixes it.

    It's an older bug that seems to affect when you get a new Pre if you're replacing an older Pre. When you get your contacts back on your new phone, the sync replaces your contact pics within your dialer for some reason (might have a synergy issue with Google contacts and temp buff/cache).
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