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    How do you root something?

    Im installing Preware and am completely lost.
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    Well apparently you got WOSQI working!

    There is no such thing as rooting, All you need is WOSQI and PreWare and you can do anything you want.

    Piece of advice you shouldnt start new threads w/o searching first, This is the single most talked about subject on this forum.

    When you start a thread this forum lists all the threads w/ similar content so people wont crowd this forum w/ useless threads.

    So dont do it again! J/K lol
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    You can root right from WebOSQuickInstaller. Just go under tools>tweaks and then click on the linux command line button.
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    So I have file coaster on my Pre. Is that the same as Preware? Rooting? What steps do I need to take to install virtual keyboard etc?

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