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    A ton of my texts aren't going through and I have to send them again. Is the network down or overloaded for something?

    I'm in LA, if that makes a difference.
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    I've seem to be having trouble getting texts to Sprint and T-mobile users. AT&T and Nextel seem to work just fine.

    Is anyone else having this issue?
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    I'm having trouble sending to Verizon...
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    I haven't noticed any changes. It still sends about 90% of the time. I text people on Verizon mostly...
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    I have the same problem. Please call sprint. I am talking to sprint as I am typing.
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    for the past 3 days I get some txts hours later. But it happens randomly.
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    I as have been noticing this issue as well over the last few days. Only a small percentage but still... Im located in Iowa
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    Quote Originally Posted by wrubiera View Post
    I have the same problem. Please call sprint. I am talking to sprint as I am typing.
    Any luck with sprint? I forgot to mention I'm in Chicago. So looks like problem is widespread
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    Weird stuff! Hopefully it shakes out soon. I was getting texts late yesterday, just remembered.
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    How do you know if your texts aren't going through right away? Is it giving you any error or anything, or are they just staying gray for the hours until they send?
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    I was also. My wife sent me a series of texts and I didnt get them until hours later.
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    I am also having texts not coming to me when they're sent. Also, I have had some texts that were sent a minute before, but the time stamp says a completely random time...any reason for this?

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