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    I bought a Touchstone a couple months back, and have been pretty happy with it for the most part. Unfortunately there are a few problems with it, that seem to be issues with my Pre more than the Touchstone itself. Once it hits 100% charge, it'll start cycling rapidly between charging and not charging. I know this is a problem many people have had in the past, but it persists even after replacing the Touchstone. More annoying than anything else.

    The more major problem happens when I set it on the Touchstone for extended periods of time. It happened again today when I went to sleep for 5 hours. I woke up and took the phone off the Touchstone to find the battery at 75% and the phone in Roaming, where my house always gets a solid EVDO signal. Then after a while it'd lose all cell connection. I had to restart to get back to the EV. Several previously undelivered text messages came in on restart, too.

    Has anyone else had problems like this? If it's the phone, is it fixable? Would it be covered under warranty?
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    I've been seeing similar problems. Is the 100% thing proper operation? If so, I'm returning it since the whole point was to put the touchstone on my headboard while I sleep at night. I can deal with mail notification sounds, but I cannot deal with constant battery notification sounds. (Yes, I know there's a patch for it and no I don't want to install it to solve this problem). I just want the touchstone to behave (charging-wise) like connecting a USB cable.

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