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    anybody experiencing this? this is an opening weekend Pre

    wondering if it falls under the warranty?
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    so I took the phone into the Sprint repair store and they said the earpiece was defective - so I am getting a replacement in a couple of days - it kind of sucks because this phone's hardware other than the earpiece has been great (I guess it was one of the lucky ones on launch weekend).

    I'm hoping the new one will have a solid build!
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    I have had the same issue with my new replacement.. Sad part is, i was having issues with the speaker in my first one. It was giving me static when I would place or recieve calls. The speaker certainly seems to be a big issue. While it seems to have went away on my new device, the speaker is an issue for these phones.
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    hopefully i can report back in a few days when i get the new phone - i'm hoping the replacement will be solidly built as well as having a good phone speaker!

    funny story -- the sprint repair rep told me that the touchstone back had a microSD card in the back. i didn't correct her. also, she told me that the new phone will have a better battery compartment (more snug fit) so I could get more life out of the battery. I haven't had any random shutoffs, so I thought this was funny.
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    I get the buzzing too, not only on a call but also when surfing, etc.

    It sounds just like the x-talk you get if you leave a mobile next to a radio/speaker, so I suspect it's an internal shielding/grounding problem - back to O2 on Friday
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    Has anyone got a phone without this I am on my second one now, very annoying!!
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    Had my replacement for a week, the buzzing's started AGAIN and this one has the dreaded 'Oreo'
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    Is there a "squeal" when you mess with the plug while in the head phone jack too?? Mine has recently started to do this...
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    i also got buzzing...

    the buzzing heared when headset used also, so that means the earpiece is not defective, the problem in 3.5 jack ...

    im on 2G network and got buzzing. and im using the Plastic battery cover not the touchstone one.

    what about you guyz? using your Pre on 3G or 2G network? and plastic cover or touchstone?

    is there any permanent solution for the buzzing?
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    I received my 1st Palm Pixi on march 26th, 2010...noticed loud buzzing when using the built-in ear speaker if I turned the volume up past 4 bars. Sent it in for exchange. 2nd Pixi came in, didn't notice a buzz for about a week. After that same problem. I'm currently awaiting my 3rd Pixi. A co-worker of mine got his 1st around the same time and has the same issue but uses bluetooth as a workaround. UNACCEPTABLE!!! Why couldn't Palm just upgrade the Centro's processor/memory/OS to do the cool new stuff the Pixi does. By the way I hate not having a set of navigation buttons like the centro has...bad idea...palm is going downhill.
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    I just bought a Pixi today and noticed the speaker buzz on first call I made....super annoying and I doubt replacing it will fix it as it is probably a design or manufactureing or QA defect...
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    I'm very frustrated with this now too. I got my 1st pre back in january & everything had been perfect until it started to ''buzz'' this past weekend. I brought it into the Sprint store Tuesday, they replaced my phone with a refurbished unit, and then the new phone started with the buzz the very next day.

    I love my pre too much to switch phones, but this SUCKS.
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    I got my Pixi exchanged for a new one yesterday and so far so good...
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    My new pixi does this, I bought it yesterday ... gonna take it back and get it exchanged. Hopefully this will not be an ongoing thing =(
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    I had this problem with my ear piece too. I recently plused my sprint pixi and decided to see if it was possible to swap the ear piece from the a phone with a cracked screen to my working (but buzzing) palm pixi. the buzzing is completely gone!

    I can give detailed directions if anyone is interested.

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