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    Upgraded @ best buy, was a breeze. No rebate and kept my plan as is and TEP on my Pre from previous phone. Why wait for the $100, save the money upfront and go out to dinner to celebrate your new Pre!
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    If you go to Radio shack you can ask for a fee waiver, just get on their ***** on that its something not offered all the time. you will get an instant rebate but no BB insurance, but you do get the option of radio shack insurance which blows IMO, i work for them at the moment.

    they offer an insurance for 2 years for 129.99 i believe i may be off. cover if the phone malfunctions, no water damage, lost or stolen. so really ridiculus.

    quick advice on the fee waivers, they will credit you 36 or in this case 72 dollars (2 lines) of credit in your second bill. on your first bill you will be charge activasion fee, but the second bill will credit you the charge. now there is no loop for this, you will be charge then credit thats how all carriers do it.

    I recommend you buy it out of a sprint store. i always hear horrible stories from them, and not worth it at all if you were to come to me for the activasion i would take care of ya in radio shack, but sadly you at the mercy of the person you work with at Best buy and Radio Shack
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