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    So I went on vacation over the weekend...and somewhere in the air between Charlotte and Atlanta my pre decided it didn't want to live anymore. There was no physical damage and my Pre was securely in my laptop bag as usual...but the phone seems to be completely dead.

    I turned it off when I got on the plane and everything was fine. I sent a text right before turning it off so it was working at that point. When I got to Atlanta for my layover I turned the phone on while on the plane and saw the Palm splash screen as usual. The line started moving so I put the phone back in it's sleeve in my pocket to walk off the plane. As we got off the plane I noticed that my pants were starting to heat up (there's a joke there right?). I took my phone out and the screen was black...but it was generating quite a bit of heat. I pulled the battery right away to force it to stop whatever was happening. From that point on my phone refused to turn on in Atlanta (nothing happened when I hit the power button).

    When I finally got to my destination I decided to try again while the plane was headed to the gate. This time the phone booted right up as normal and took me to the today screen. I figured I would just write it off as my phone not liking Atlanta...and then I got a text that I had received when I was in the air. When the text came through my phone made a noise that was something between a terradactyl, a mosquito ringtone, and a car crash. At this point the phone was starting to heat up again and I decided to pull the battery in order to keep the flight crew from thinking that I was about to blow us all up with that horrible sound.

    From there I left the phone alone for the weekend and decided to try again last night when I got home. I got the same results at home as I had on the plane (the screeching/heating) and noticed that the battery was at 36% even though I had charged it on Friday morning and it was only on for about an hour before I turned it off for the first flight. I tried it again this morning on my way to the Sprint store, and now it's back to not turning on at all, but still generating alot of heat whenever I put the battery in it (same as when I was in Atlanta).

    The Sprint techs claimed they had never seen this before that that the x-ray at the airport might have done it. I of course pointed out the fact that the phone was on and working for over an hour after I went through the checkpoint..and that the chances of me being the first person to fly with a Pre seem pretty remote...but they seemed content with their answer and I didn't feel the need to argue with them since they're replacing the handset anyway.

    Anyway the Sprint store is ordering me a replacement (thank god for TEP) and I'll be able to pick it up tomorrow, but I wanted to share this experience with everyone to see if it's happened to anyone else. It's a bit worrysome that this happened...and if it was caused by something I did I want to make sure I avoid doing it again in the future....a weekend away from home with no phone, email, or GPS is not something that I want to relive again in the near future.
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    I put my Pre through the airport x-ray machines at least 20 times a month and have for 3 months now, no issues like this.
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    Yeah I assumed that their reasoning was BS. Generally when you make a phone I'd think that it being destroyed if you try to fly with it would come up at some point in the testing process.

    The timing of when it broke is probably just a coincidence...I'm still curious as to what could have caused it to happen though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gipionocheiyort View Post
    Anyway the Sprint store is ordering me a replacement (thank god for TEP)
    Umm.. Sprint replacing phones because of manufacturer defects within their 1-yr warranty date has nothing to do with TEP. You get that service for free with Sprint.
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    I didn't notice any mention of Sprint trying another battery in the phone (just to isolate the problem between the phone and the battery). With the freakishness you were seeing, it's probably not just the battery. I'm just mentioning it in case it gets you a working (or at least temporarily working) phone faster.
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    @grndslm: Ah I didn't know that. Not sure if it's a manufacturer defect or what....but at any rate it doesn't look like they're going to give me a problem with it.

    @bclancy: They didn't try anything at all to troubleshoot it. They glanced at it...popped the battery compartment open to look inside (presumably looking for water damage)....and then told me they would order me a replacement. I was on my lunch break and in a rush so I didn't fight it...but the battery could be the issue considering the amount of heat that it was putting out.

    At any rate I'm going to pick the replacement up in a few hours...hopefully I can avoid destroying the new one
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    Why don't you try making your thread title a bit more descriptive? For all we know from your title you need help with factoring polynomials.


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    Quote Originally Posted by duke120287 View Post
    Why don't you try making your thread title a bit more descriptive? For all we know from your title you need help with factoring polynomials.
    He had difficulties during/after a flight, and thought his Pre was bricked...? What's wrong with the subject? What's it having to do with polynomials?


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