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    Does anyone know the difference?
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    so basically the one that comes with the Pre is Standard A to Mini B, correct?
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    It is mini-b, but it has a different shape from the "regular" mini-b. The one for Pre is more rounded. I searched on TigerDirect and they don't have anything that can be used for the Pre.
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    Actually there is both Mini-B and Micro-B, which are two different plugs. They are physically different. The Pre (and some newer phones) utilize the Micro-B. Ensure that you search Micro, as opposed to mini.

    Most websites and stores have cables that match up (, Amazon, etc.) I am unable to post links, but if you Google it you will get many hits/sites.
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    Actually, on the Pre, it's a Standard A to Micro USB. The Pre charger ports fits any standard Micro USB connector.
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    Thanks. I didn't know there was "Micro B". Learn something new today.
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    Oh yeah of course. I knew it was Micro USB on the small side! I just got confused from the diagram.

    So, your average printer uses Standard B, some MP3 players and phones like the Razr use Mini B and the Pre and all new devices being made (from what I heard) are using Micro B or USB. All of them go to Standard A which is the computers USB port.

    Does this sound golden?
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