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    algee650 - You need to man up. If it's a battery issue why do you feel that you deserve a replacement phone? I wouldn't give you a replacement phone even if it meant losing a customer. People abuse the system of getting their phone replaced... It's a simple fix that is corrected by swapping the battery. Take it in the store and be done with it and stop complaining!
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    Yeah, if I had been that Palm rep, I probably would've hung up on you before you even got the opportunity to do so. I'm on my third Pre, and Sprint has handled every repair/replacement issue I've ever had with any of my phones, ever. I've never had to talk to the manufacturer. Go to Sprint, give them your phone, tell them it's broken, and see what happens. Don't get snippy and "bark" at them, because this will only anger/annoy them. No one likes dealing with people who insist that everything has to go their way without being able to compromise.

    Do you have a job, OP? Do you interact with people at this job? Do you appreciate it when customers insist that they're right and there's nothing you can do about it? Grow up, listen to what the Palm customer representative told you, as that is his job, he knows what he's doing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grndslm View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by EazyWeazy View Post
    When you get a replacement, the year starts over again.
    Now THAT I did not know.
    I knew that sounded odd. I just looked at the SprintUsers forum and a rep actually went over this, saying that your warranty date does not extend with a replacement. It's still 1 year from the day you originally bought the phone.

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    I just had mine replaced- they DO NOT SWAP IN STORE. I had to wait 3 days for a "warranty" phone. This new one (probably a refurb) also has problems - screen intermittently won't come on but the phone is still powered.

    So now I WAIT for yet another swap- why you can't swap in store for a phone w/ as bad a record as palm is beyond me. This is why I left palm so many years ago- great software- terrible hardware. If Sprint had some great android phones- I may consider switching because my patience is wearing thin.
    Umm.. yes, Sprint most definitely does swap them in-store. They might give you a brand new one, a refurb they have on hand, or order you a refurb... but they will definitely swap it in-store for you. As long as it is a Sprint corporate store... and I think they have to be a repair center, too. If the defect is super obvious, a regular Sprint corp store might very well be able to replace it for you.

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    Sometimes process/procedure will slow things down but then, Im sure you had a life before your phone started acting up!!!! Remember, it is not the end of the world, and if you are a business user your SIM will work perfectly in even the cheapest of phones - even email is integrated now!
    Sprint users have no idea WTFreak a SIM card is... sorry. That's like a foreign language or something, right?

    Quote Originally Posted by steviesteve78 View Post
    Remember this - if there is any evidence of damage you will be liable/charged END OF... Wear and tear doesn't occur if you look after your phone!
    True that. What's really funny is that Sprint's TEP coverage actually covers "wear and tear", but if you have a scratch on it... it can't be replaced. Makes sense, but they should remove that "wear and tear" phrase from their advertisements.

    Quote Originally Posted by steviesteve78 View Post
    If the manual states that you have a manufacturer warranty, the Palm are the best place to start. However, the agreement between Palm and the network may mean that the network are authorised repair agents.
    Yea, if Palm says you have a 1-yr warranty... and then you contact them and they tell you to take it into a Sprint repair store... that's a far better warranty service than you'll receive with any other product I've never heard of.
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    I'm glad Palm didn't help the OP. You sound like a spoiled child crying because he can't get what he wants. Take it to Sprint and they'll fix or replace it in 10 minutes. Why would you prefer to send Palm your phone and then wait for a new one to arrive? That would take at least a week to play out, if Palm was even willing to do that. ALL phones Sprint sells are handled this way, I don't know why someone would expect the Pre to be any different.

    Not to mention you calling the new batteries a "micky mouse" fix is ridiculous. The original batteries had a flaw and have since been replaced for ALL newly manufactured Pres. This isn't some half assed temporary fix, it's the way it's done now and many of us have had that problem solved or never experienced it because of it.
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