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    I recently noticed that all of my appointments were delayed by one hour on the Pre. I checked Google and Palm Desktop and the appointments were correct but my Pre had them all delayed by one hour.

    I checked the Date & Time App and noticed that my Pre was set to Aruba time! Anyways, I've changed the setting to Montreal, Canada (turn off Network Time Zone first and then you can change the setting). Now though, when I try to turn on Network Time Zone, it just keeps giving the message "Waiting for network time...". So I've turned off the Network Time Zone.

    The one hour delay problem appears to be solved so I think everything is ok now but not sure what was the network time zone does.
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    The daylight issue is fexed but only on an odd manner of pulling in Aruba time, even though I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Aruba is AST so it works but shouldn't Bell fix this. I have phoned three times and their user support sucks. Is Bell supporting the Pre community properly?
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    Weird, no problems like that on mine and I am with dear old Bell.
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    Weird (and good catch) I'm in Toronto and noticed the Aruba setting after I saw your post.

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