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    im taking my phone to spring in the morning the speaker has blown out. I have read that they are not to try and fix it and just give a refub one well i have an invisible shield on it and was wondering what they would do about it.
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    Not sure about the invisible shield. If you can't take it off I guess I wouldn't mention it. If you can they probably have workers there who have a Pre and know about it. I just took my bad sounding speaker in and you're right they order you a phone. They told me it would be at least a couple days but called the next morning.

    A bunch of the guys there had HomeBrew apps on theirs and knew tons about the Pre.

    Good luck.. G..
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    thanks i was just wondering i had it put on at the mall cart and really like and just didnt want to have to buy another
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    speaker blown=cant be fix. you get a refurb.
    invisishield=peel it off then when you get the "new" phone take it to them and they will put another shield on.

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