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    Need help from your carrier outside the US?

    Here are the best places to check first if you’re in one of the following countries:
    - Canada: Start here.

    - UK: Click here for product and service info, and here for support

    - Ireland: General information can be found here

    - Spain: Find product info here and support here

    - Germany: Palm Pre info can be found here

    - Live somewhere else? Click here and see SNDAY below.

    SNDAY: Sorry, no details available yet (on pricing, specific applications, carriers in your country, third-party products, upcoming functionality, etc.). We aim to share as much information as we can, but sometimes we have to keep information confidential, due to regulatory restrictions on public companies, business relationships, or plain ol’ competitive common sense. You can get updates as they become available by following @palm on Twitter, reading this blog, or becoming a fan at Palm | Facebook.
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