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    At midnight I looked over at my phone and noticed all Three LED lights on bottom of touch area where flashing every 2 seconds or so: I picked up the phone and turned it on: I noticed I had 3 tasks due and 7 new emails: I proceeded to slide the emails to the side (get rid of the notifications) and slide the 3 tasks over too (to get rid of them). I pushed the power button to put the phone back to sleep, and the LED lights stopped blinking...

    I let the phone sit a little while, and the LEDs came back! I turned the phone back on, noticed the 3 tasks notification was back on, and the LEDs would blink when the phone when back to sleep...

    Has this always been a feature? I have NO homebrews, never DEved my phone, or done anything to it... I have 1.2.1, and the phone is about 1 month old...

    The phone has never done that in the past... Is Palm updating our phones on the fly?
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    same thing happened to me tonight at 12. Very disconcerting as I cannot get my task notification to go away. Any idea how to have the phone not show task notifications? I cannot find the Off switch for them.

    I must be the one guy who does not want led flashing and here I am with hem and no way to turn them off.
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    This is happening to me also. I don't have the LED patch either. My flashing is a result of my exchange tasks being due. Thought my eyes were playing tricks on me the first time.
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    can confirm same here. Also phone slowed and dismissed tasks keep popping back up. My tasks were past due. I reset due date and it stopped

    slowing was terrible reset did nothing so I put plane mode on, went into dev mode then out of dev mode (took a while) then back into regular phone. Slowing gone
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    yeah.. Phone seems to be dragginv. What is going on? Restart did mot help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyndall View Post
    yeah.. Phone seems to be dragginv. What is going on? Restart did mot help.

    try my post
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    my wifes phone unlike mine, is stock, and is also doing the same thing
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    that is really weird. Is anyone having problems with preware? Windzilla?
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    yep preware is giving Me issues too. But as I said my wifes pre is bone stock and she has the led thing too.
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    So far all of you have confirmed and no one has denied. Is it only happening because of notifications from the Tasks app or does it happen with any notification? And is it happening right away after u get a notification or is it happening if you wait for a while. And if you are waiting a while about how long is the wait?
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    Quote Originally Posted by windzilla View Post
    yep preware is giving Me issues too. But as I said my wifes pre is bone stock and she has the led thing too.
    what's the problem you are having with preware?
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    omg I thought I was the only one! This happened to me at around midnight also for the firsy time. My phone is also kind of bugging out. Iwhen I noticed the LED lights it was for some sort of task, I don't know if it works for anything else. I did have the led patch on about a month aho but I removed it with the emergency removal patch and I am pretty sure its gone since there is no option to turn it off in the screen and lock app. Also, I think this LED notification blinks much faster than the ine with the patch...this is really weird.
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    Yeah... happened to me today.
    It was so odd, cause my pre would turn on randomly (like it got a notification)... but I had no notifications.
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    Same thing happening to me. I can't find any noticeable effect for me beyond the constant annoying blinking while off when a task notification is on (which will come back a minute or so after I remove the notification). I have Filecoaster but no patches or Preware (couldn't get it to work just yet). This is truly odd. I wonder what is causing it. I hope it gets fixed soon.
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    It is the Pre Twilight Zone!!!!!

    I have a task due today, but my Pre's lights are not blinking. It is on the Touchstone currently, but I did have it off there a while ago with the task notification on the bottom and no lights were blinking.

    My Pre is working normally, too. And it has no Preware/Homebrew/DevMode/etc. - only App Catalog apps.
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    I havent noticed any notification but it was running very sluggishly til i restarted.
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    Same here. I did have an overdue task, so I postponed it
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    nothing here lucky *******s hopefully this is a sign that another update is on its way!
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    I had that happen to me last night around midnight too. I kept swiping away the tasks and a bit later it was back. I did a restart on my pre and then it quit doing that. I wonder if it is a bug or something.
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    My phone was in plane mode while on a redeye flight from West coast to East coast. Turned my phone on about 0515 edt and set it down after turning the screen off. I then looked down a few minutes later and noticed that the center button and the two lights next to it would flash twice quickly every 5 seconds. I turned the screen back on and noticed I had 3 email notifications but that was it. No other notices.

    I have Preware installed but have not installed any packages or patches.

    This is strange.....
    Device info still shows 1.2.1
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