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    Quote Originally Posted by yellow View Post
    I think there is something really weird w/ the date!! I have a recurring appointment and all day events for every Mon. Never had a problem but this week only it has been moved to Tue. Oct. 27th. Pretty weird!!
    I noticed this exact issue with the date of Oct 26th a while back. See my post from back in September here:

    Someone in my thread mentioned that it could be due to the Daylight Savings time issue. I still can't confirm it, but I still have the problem...
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    I dont use the calendar or tasks
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdaniel76 View Post
    Someone in my thread mentioned that it could be due to the Daylight Savings time issue.
    This is what I was leaning towards reading this but DST isn't until Nov. 1st. There's an article that talks about European Union. I'm unfamiliar with it myself but it says it changed over Oct. 25th. I can't post the link since I'm too much of a noob here still.

    Interesting that you noticed something with the date awhile back though either way. It'd be cool if some sort of explanation came about just to kill the curiousity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantasmn View Post
    I've had this recently happen too. I had the LED patch and a few other patches installed until a few days ago. Ran the EPR and thought I would never see the blinking LEDs again.

    The next day my pre started to blink for notifications again. Clock alarms. Text/IM messages. Email. Missed calls. Voicemails. Just like it was with the patch installed, only I can't turn off the notifications. It's still doing this tonight when I receive notifications.

    A little note; when I ran the EPR, I didn't turn off the LED notifications in the preferences menu. That might be why I'm still seeing notifications on my system.
    I did this yesterday. Phone was so slow that I just couldn't take it anymore, and I hoped that running EPR and ditching all my patches would speed things up. It might be placebo, but it seems to have restored some of my Pre's youth.

    Anyway, LED blink notifications remain, but they stop after a time, until a new event happens and initiates a new notification, then it stops again.

    Something about it makes me uneasy, though. I might reinstall the patch and turn them off before running EPR a second time. If they were steady and didn't stop after a time, I wouldn't be mildly nervous. Thoughts?
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