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    I've had this recently happen too. I had the LED patch and a few other patches installed until a few days ago. Ran the EPR and thought I would never see the blinking LEDs again.

    The next day my pre started to blink for notifications again. Clock alarms. Text/IM messages. Email. Missed calls. Voicemails. Just like it was with the patch installed, only I can't turn off the notifications. It's still doing this tonight when I receive notifications.

    A little note; when I ran the EPR, I didn't turn off the LED notifications in the preferences menu. That might be why I'm still seeing notifications on my system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantasmn View Post
    A little note; when I ran the EPR, I didn't turn off the LED notifications in the preferences menu. That might be why I'm still seeing notifications on my system.
    That will do it - the patch only enables the ability to see the settings necessary to turn LED notifications on/off, the actual code to handle them is already in existence, and I have performed EPRs and still had LED notifications afterward, and re-installed the patch just to find the setting already active when I went to Screen & Lock to re-enable it. Since the setting is saved to the plist (it's obviously not a plist, but my OSX roots betray me, so that's what I'll call it for now), the system is going to look at whatever setting is saved there and run with it.

    Now when it comes to the stock Pres doing this, that's very interesting. I don't use Tasks, and my Pre was either in Airplane Mode or had a dead battery last night depending on what time this happened. If Palm sent some sort of live call, that's VERY interesting, and might have something to do with the Pixi announcement today. More likely though is they had a time bomb built into the code if that's the reason behind this...

    Between these cases and the mysterious Yahoo IM that seem to show up on random devices, Palm either has some very weird bugs, or they really, REALLY like messing with our heads...
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    I had a similar issue last night @ Midnight... My task notifications kept coming back after I swiped them away... And the notification LEDs flashed faster than they ever have before (I have the LED patch installed).
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    As of 8:30 this morning EST my phone is no longer blinking for either mail or task notifications any longer. Very Odd.
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    My LED notifications still work. Just sent myself a test SMS from Google Voice to verify.
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    maybe palm is testing this feature?
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    I think there is something really weird w/ the date!! I have a recurring appointment and all day events for every Mon. Never had a problem but this week only it has been moved to Tue. Oct. 27th. Pretty weird!!
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    Same here - around midnight, started blinking because of a task. I kept swiping it and it would come back a minute later. I do have the LED notification patch enabled but this was new behavior nonetheless. It has since stopped. Weird?????
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    I just sent myself a text, and no visual notification.

    Non-patched Pre
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    yeah, this must be some sort of clandestine testing of the notification system. How else can we account for the numbers of people who are experiencing this at the same time?

    reminds me of an article I read years ago which answered the question of why land lines would periodicall ring at a certain time of night, for jus a fraction of a second. Answer = phone company testing of analog lines.

    maybe this was a test of the emergency broadcast remote app killer notification system.
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    It has also stopped for me this morning. What a trip!
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    I was also having this I was unable to get a data connection. I did a battery pull and all is well...hope this helps.
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    i think mine has also stopped...
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    I removed the LED patch and I also continue to get LED notifications. This very curious is palm making changes with without notification?
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    Quote Originally Posted by crash712us View Post
    I removed the LED patch and I also continue to get LED notifications. This very curious is palm making changes with without notification?
    See post #22. If you removed the LED patch, but did not turn off 'visual notifcations' before removing the patch, then the LED blinking will continue. Fix this by reinstalling the LED patch, turning off Visual Notifcations in the settings page, and then uninstalling LED patch again

    If you did turn off Visual Notifications and yet they continue, then you're just seeing the same weird and unexplained LED blinking that some others with stock Pres are experiencing.
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    Not seeing any problems with my Pre. LED Notifications working as usual.
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    Mine did the midnight, quick blinking too. Thought maybe it was due to overdue tasks, but I've had those before with the LED patch and no lights. Weird stuff. It was 12am 10/26 too. I think I changed the date to 10/27 or 28 manually and it stopped. Changed back to the 26th and it started again. Did a restart, still did it. Finally checked tasks completed and then unchecked them a few times and it went away.
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    I noticed this last night as well. I had the LED notification installed and turned on so I turned it off (didn't work), uninstalled it (didn't work), reset the phone (didn't work). Finally, I turned off the phone entirely and went to bed. I had it plugged into the charger so it must've turned itself back on after I shut it down but when I woke up in the morning, the phone was on and when I turned the screen off again, the blinking disappeared.
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    I have the patch but wasnt working till today about 5:00 est it started flashing, weird!
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    mine stopped this morning also...
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