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    for like a week my pre been on some problems.... like the volume goes up all the way when ever it wants and then the volume bar stays on the screen and i cant do nothing then the the phone will turn off if it movies just a little bit or from a little tap..... i want to know if i should to take this back to sprint and would they change it for a new one cuz sometimes they act like *** holes.... i got my phone on july...... i dont know what story im going to tell them.... but i think it happened because i dropped it..... i know if i say this they wont do nothing and say it's not their problem i need to fix this phone or get a new one..... also if i take it back should i delete my music and homebrew apps... any suggestions on how to solve this problem

    p.s. i pay the additional charge for protection on the phone i thinks its like 7.99
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    The problem with the phone turning off might be due to a bad battery.
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    go get the battery replaced then see what happens and remember to keep the battery as fully charged as possible for the first three weeks or so . to season this battery is to keep it charged and not let it go all the way to nothing,this will kill the battery .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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