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  • Very happy!

    49 50.00%
  • Happy

    28 28.57%
  • Its ok, has some problems/issues

    17 17.35%
  • Not all that happy

    0 0%
  • Not happy at all/will return item/etc

    4 4.08%
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    it's an happy for me.
    Still waiting for the OS update enabling apn setting by user....
    but the device is sooooo cool.
    love it!
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    Its ok:

    - build quality medium (oreo)
    - sync without palm software - bad
    - profile backup/restore with all contacts and some Calendars in PalmProfile failed after partial and then complete erase - backup setting was on daily backup and i even did a last manual backup just before erase. So i lost all my contact changes since migrating with DTA-Tool a month ago.
    BEWARE they only store one backup and can't revert to a older perhaps not corrupted backup
    ==> Palm shame on you
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    Well, here is my story, I got my Pre yesterday (UK O2) without even intending to!! I have been on WM for years (My most recent device being the HTC Touch Diamond 2) and was planning to upgrade to the HTC HD2. I was in my local O2 store asking about the HD2 yesterday, when I saw a Pre on display, out of idle curioisity, I asked to see a working demo unit and was blown away as soon as I held it in my hand - it felt so good! I love the "cards" system and the speed of the web browser (compared to WM), the gestures all seemed natural and intuitive to me - bottom line, I cancelled my pre-order for the HD2 and left the store with a Pre!

    24hours later I still can't put the thing down!

    My only reservations at the moment are whether the Pre will do well enough to allow Plam to keep investing in Web OS and adding more features to it - guess we will have to wait and see.

    I look forward to spending more time here and getting into all this "home brew" stuff I keep reading about!
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    Voted happy only because im on my 4th Pre, but its sooo much better to use than my iPhone
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