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    I am really happy with the Pre. It is my first smart phone and it is leaps and bonds above my old flip phone. There is one thing I am particularly baffled about with the broswer though. Whenever I click the back button it takes some time to load the page. That could be because it refreshes the page, but why wouldn't it just pull the page from history? When this really frustrates me is when I only go to one of my bookmarks and when I hit back it can take a while to load my bookmarks. This is really frustrating. Does this just happen to me or the rest of you pre fans?
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    If it always saved the previous page in the cache, the browse would run slower overall and you would need to empty the cache often.
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    I agree with esc1. Going back should not take so long. There should be enough of a cache. I think maybe there's a bug in the way the Pre's browser does this. It's usually faster to reload the original link.
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    Speaking of the browser and the back button. I was Sprint's own website, trying to make a payment. My fat finger clicked some link on the page by accident which brought me to a redirect to another page. It was impossible to go back to the payment page without going through the browser history and selecting a an earlier page. Didn't help much with all the titles in the history being the same. I had to go back to the beginning. It's sad that the Pre/WebOS browser gets hung up on it's Sprints own website. All I wanted to do was give Sprint my money, very frustrating.
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    I also do not understand why there are forward and back buttons when browsing on the phone vertically. The gesture area is used for back/forward.

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