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    I have the scuffing at the bottom of the keyboard like you. Don't like it either, but the Pre is no tank. Its gonna get scuffed eventually. Long as you cover the screen with a protector the most important part of the phone should be good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by giblet View Post
    Cosmetic like scratches on a phone are not covered by palm or sprint. If you wanted it replaced you would have to go through assurion, but im pretty sure the scratches aren't $100 scratches to you just yet.
    I don't think that's true. Those deep scratches that the OP is showing are clearly caused by a manufacturer's defect. Palm would definitely replace it... and Sprint would be obligated to honor Palm's 12-mo warranty with an in-store replacement. Might be a refurb... but Sprint and Palm more than likely have an obligation to replace such defects.

    That said... I'd deal with it and wait for a bigger defect to surface so I'd have a better chance at getting a Pre [even a refurb] with better quality control.
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    Really is annoying:/

    Also mine is hard to open now. (almost like if playdoh was stuck in it)
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    hardware is garbage on this phone
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