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    Launch day Pre working perfectly here!

    I was questioning staying around, possibly moving to Android. But 1.3.5 and some of the apps/patches/services (Weathernow,SysToolsMgr) are rather exciting developments for the Pre, and now with GPU support finally showing up things are starting to look up. Now, if we can get some worth while apps in the app store.........
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    Still on my first pre.

    I started having some issues with the headphone jack where I would get a lot of feedback while making calls with the headphones. I decided it was safer to simply adapt and not use the headphones to make calls than to risk a new pre with potentially worse issues.

    Besides that, only a little bit of twist. She's been chugging along happily since September.
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    Still on my first pre with no problems and like the phone although ive only had it for a month and a half. Before I bought it I read through a lot of these forums and heard all the complaints regarding hardware. My first impression of the phone after recieving it is that it seems pretty fragile. I wouldn't even think about carrying it in my pocket like I did the Centro(which was pretty much indestuctable).
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    Quote Originally Posted by laze View Post
    Those with broken Pres, more often than not, are simply careless and have adopted the 'if it breaks I'll get a new one' mentality . Treat everything you own as if it's your only possession in the world and you'll soon see how much longer things last.
    I've never dropped my phone and keep it covered in a front and back invisible shield along with a case. For added measure I keep it in a SIDE pocket in most of my pants so it avoids the pressures on the pocket when sitting down.

    How did I cause the terrible LCD leakage on the bottom of my screen with carelessness?

    Even if your Pre doesn't have defects, or defects that don't bother you, it doesn't change the fact that it is built extremely poorly. Hell my Centro feels like it is built better than my Pre, my brothers Pre, or even my sisters Pixi.

    Both the Pre and the Pixi are cheap pieces of trash in terms of the workmanship, yours hasn't had any issues great but once you pick up a quality built phone like the iphone or even a Hero you'll fully understand what I'm talking about.

    That said I wouldn't want to switch to another device because I love webOS, I just hope the next installment Palm delivers doesn't have this issue.
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    Hey hey! I'm always careful with my devices. Sadly all my cautious nature couldn't prevent my launch day Pre from getting the dreaded stuck in headset mode. Thankfully the replacment is working great and the Pre felt more sturdy than the one before.
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    i give alot of credit to the ppl who have stuck with their pre's even tho they had to have them replaced so many still on my first it in july, best phone i ever had
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    Quote Originally Posted by LupeValenz View Post
    Hey hey! I'm always careful with my devices. Sadly all my cautious nature couldn't prevent my launch day Pre from getting the dreaded stuck in headset mode. Thankfully the replacment is working great and the Pre felt more sturdy than the one before.
    Lupe, You might not have needed to replace the Pre for the headset problem. A talented Sprint store employee can usually fix this just by inserting and removing the jack several times while listening to the headphones.

    I'm still on my Launch Day Pre. It had the uneven LED backlighting since day 1 (which I figured would not be a real problem). It has the small hairline crack by the USB port, but this has not been affecting any functionality. (I wasn't so sure about this at one point because I was getting screen/digitizer erratic behaviour, but that turned out to be due to MyTether. I just installed an update to MyTether and now it is no longer causing the previous problem.) Rock-ON Pre!
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    hope mine doesnt break
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    me too...a perfect launch day Pre. I've had no issues (Oreo, slider, etc.). I've had a few issues most of which were since 1.3.5 where for the first time, remove the battery as my phone wouldn't turn on. Other than that good to go and I got my phone on June 17th if my memory serves me correctly.
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    didnt read the whole thread but I too am on my launch day Pre with none of the supposed defects I hear about on this forum constantly
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    launch day pre here no problems yet. had to doctor it once from mytether going wrong. i also have a pixi which has been working great!
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    I am on my first pre also,and it still is as good as day one. Guess we are just lucky. I know I take really good care of this thing.don't think I ever dropped more then 2 feet onto a plush rug.
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    stick in head set happen to me 3 months ago. I got a q tip,,took some cotton off so it would fit in jack,dip in rubbing alcohol and turn a few times,,never had issue again.
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    I've had my phone for seven months and unfortunately my speaker started crackling yesturday so I'm getting a new phone hopefuly it will be new but if its a refurb I'm praying it will be a great one lol kind of bummed about it because I have to redo everything . Hopefully I don't lose anything . We will see.
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    I'm still on my 1st Pre but I had to reset it once as it got locked up during an update. Lost a little data but not much. Would like to see a 4G upgrade when the June anniversary comes around. Then I will upgrade and let my daughter have my original one. She so want one but can't justify a new phone as she has to wait till November for her upgrade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warblad13 View Post
    Still on my first Pre. Wish i was like everyone else and had to return my Pre multiple times . You guys are so lucky have to be able to get a new Pre every time you "find" a "defect". Question which pocket do you put your Pre in and which pocket do you place you iphone in?
    Still on My First Pre. I keep it in my right pocket. I don't have an iToy.
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    I had a sprint pre since very early july, the most solid one ever, then it got stolen a week b4 christmas, and they sent me a new one, a week after and it's just like my original, it's still solid
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    im on my first pre too, bought it new in ebay for 235 (s&h included). [not on launch's day]
    i think it was a great deal. i spent like 3 days going to sleep at 4 am just to get the best deal.
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    Launch day Pre here, head phone issue once. Other then that, no troubles with hardware. Way to go Palm!
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    Still have my launch day pre, I'm just missing the rubber USB cover, my son's pre is being replaced because of the headphone issue (Yes, I tried all of the fixes). It will be here tomorrow. My wife's pre that was bought in August is still going strong as well.
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