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    ok I have had my pre since launch and just the last month it has started to get extremely hot and is draining the battery crazy fast.I took it to the sprint store and they said they are gonna have to order me a brand new refurb.doh!! Can and should I not worry about the refurb overheating and drinking the battery so fast like a drunk whos thirsty as hell?I have all the tips of saving battery and they gave me the new battery that's not from japan.and the big one I want to tell yall about,I have gone through 2 seidio 2600 batteries.both started to drain life so fast it was I ask my fellow owners,do you think its the phone or the batteries itself? Thank you
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    Sounds to me like the phone - my usually runs hot when I'm running an intensive program (like GPS or music). I would run Battery Monitor to see how fast it is running down the battery.

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