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    Strange thing happening to my Pre. Everytime I do a back swipe, no matter the application, it jolts the app Im working on over slightly then falls back into place but never goes to the previous screen. Its like if you are flipping through an album only in an app. Really Weird. Since it was working, I installed, shoutcast, pocketmirror and multi patch for browser. All of which I have uninstalled and rebooted so far.

    Any thoughts guys?

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    not sure i understand but start at the center instead of from the far side and slide over . if you start from the far side it will switch pages from one app to another if you have more than one open but if not it will try to switch apps but cannot so it like flips the page and it just flips around, so to go back inside an app just start at the center button and go half way and it should work
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Thanks that helped, somehow the advanced back gesture enabled.. no idea how that happened. But ya its all set now and thanks a ton for the recommendation. I always do a full swipe
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    there is a swipe to applications switch, which will swipe in between apps and disable the back swipe. go to display and you will see the switch and turn it off.
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    Thanks aqui!!!

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