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    I have access to my master lock code. when doing a ##3282# there are many options to change things.


    My question then is.....Under multimedia you can change the buffer size and time out. My buffer size is 6 and time out 10. What will this do if you change it and is there anything i can do concidering I have my lock code to modify my divice to run better? What can you do if you have your lock code if anything. I can also change my ip address under this setting. Does that mean i can access anouther computer remote. DUMB questions but thanks for your replys.
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    if you like your 3G data connection. Don't change it. Those are settings for sprint vision pcs services. I.e. Your username password etc. One wrong change and you have no web, gps, etc. Anything that uses data.
    plus the MSL is nothing special. You can restore data (menu you are in) or you can program another # in ur phone, but you need the mdn (phone number) and msid (coded mdn). Or you can wipe your phone with ##786#.
    good luck!

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