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    The cards themselves won't have too much impact, but all three of those are linked to background services that are continually pinging servers, the worst of all being Messaging if you have any IM services active. Calendar syncs in the background every 15 minutes (a setting I hope a patch author can allow us to change, as I would rather have an hourly interval on that setting to squeak out a tiny bit more power), and of course e-mail syncs on the schedule you set. So while the actual cards may not draw much power, you need to worry about any Synergy-powered services those cards rely on in the background, as those are a chief power draw on the Pre.
    Yes, but that occurs with cards open or closed, so it's really not an issue with keeping cards open (unless I'm misunderstanding your point).

    With email, tasks, messaging & Agenda open, and light usage, I'm averaging about 5% battery loss per hour, with GPS & Wifi on. No complaints so far with keeping cards open
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