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    I've seen quite a few threads on this and other forums where users are having trouble connecting to work or school Wi-Fi. In many cases they state that iPhones connect without a hassle - often simply by choosing the network, enterprise mode, and providing user and password.

    The above is the case with me. I expect this is a common situation as many more schools and work places have already set their networks up to allow iPhones to connect but not Palm Pres.

    So my question - is it possible to create a patch or tweak that would allow the Pre to emulate the connection methods used by the iPhone? I really don't know what what be involved, but if something like this was available it could solve connection issues for a lot of people.

    Thanks for reading.

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    I believe this has to do with the lack of WiFi proxy support (require authentication via a web page before WiFi will work). This will need attention from PALM.

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