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    My Pre is having an issue. When I make a call I do not hear anything, dialing or the other person and they can not hear me. If I use spkr phone or headset it works fine.

    Sprint said they need to replace the phone. How much data will I lose on my phone?

    Email settings?
    My sync with gmail?
    anything else?

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    your stuck in head set mode. Search the forum to fix
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    plug some headphones in and out a few times to fix
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    You will lose your email settings, pictures and any mp3/mp4's you have on your phone. Don't let the Sprint tech tell you otherwise, when my 1st Pre was replaced I lost a bunch of pictures that couldn't be replaced.

    BTW, I'm heading in for my 3rd Pre (Refurb) on Monday for the same reason as you.
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    I actually fixed mine myself. I turned on pandora with my headset in. Slowly unplugged it, notch by notch. After a few tries I noticed that when I unplugged it, my speaker was playing the music. Once that happens it it fixed. The problem was it was locked in headset mode. Now its working fine. I'm glad I fixed it, It would have been a pain to lose my settings and my screen skinz that took me forever to put on, but once on it was perfect.. Phantom Skinz..
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJB View Post
    I actually fixed mine myself.
    No... PreCentral fixed it for you.
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    Back up any pictures, music, and documents you've downloaded. Those will definitely be gone. Any emails you have set up will still be there, but whatever was in your inbox will need to be resynced/re-downloaded. If you have your calendar synced with google, that will still be there. Memos will still be there, but I'm not 100% sure about that. SMS messages and your call history will be gone. Apps will still be there, homebrew will need to be downloaded again. All your contacts should come back too. That's all I can think of for now.
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    I purchased four Pre's on opening day. Three of them worked, one wouldn't get passed the opening screen and was replaced at the store.

    Since then, I have exchanged three of them for various reasons:
    Mine- Dead pixel
    Wife's - Microphone stopped working, all people could hear was Charlie Brown teacher
    Son's- Power switch stopped working (he abused his phone, it was scratched up, etc -- he is 14 after all)

    I took first replacement back to retailer I bought it at, and was advised I had to take it to a repair center. From that point forward, I took them all to the repair center store.

    All three of them, they pulled up my account, verified when they were purchased, and ordered refurb phones no questions asked. My son is the only one with the damage insurance, and they didn't even ask about it or charge me for it since they could see that the power button didn't work. They told me they are under "orders" from Sprint/Palm not to try to "fix" any of the phones, to just order a refurb.

    The ONLY complications with exchanging phones is that you lose your personal settings. Not all of them, but some. It's just a mild pain. Before you exchange your phone, make sure to connect it to your computer, put it in USB mode, and copy everything from your phone to your computer. When you get your new one, do the same thing and put everything back on your Pre.

    All your pictures, ringtones, etc, will be restored (but not selected, you still have to do that). All of your contacts and calendars will be restored too. If you use the Palm profile, it will be restored when you log in to your profile. If you have Google accounts, the Palm back up knows this too and restores all your Google data too.
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    I am on my 3rd Pre. The first one worked fine, was lost/stolen. The second was crappy (shut off every time the slider opened or closed without a delicate touch, and there was a little crack on the side that was probably going to make its way across the screen eventually...and it was a little loose--probably the 'oreo' effect...AND emails weren't showing despite every software trick in the book, including the reset to webosdoctor 1.1 which essentially bricked it). I took the 2nd one in to sprint and they replaced it--with a NEW one. They were out of refurbs, so rather than have me wait, they did that. I have restored faith in Sprint customer service. This new one is just like my first--perfect. The problem is itunes had to be set up from scratch and all the homebrew stuff reapplied, so I lost a day or two. So if you're thinking of taking it into Sprint, you just might get lucky.

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