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    Anyone else having heating issues with their GSM Pre?

    The phone tends to get pretty hot in the hand even after moderate use/web browsing for a short while etc. The heat tends to originate from the back of the Pre, open the slider and damn the keyboards hot too!

    Normally its pretty bearable but its hot enough to cause someone to jump if you put the Pre to bare skin say, it only got hot with alot of use earlier but progressively getting worse, seems even moderate use will get the phone hot.

    I know the U.S have had this problem, so therefore was wondering if the GSM Pres were also attributed with this problem?

    Also should i replace? Or are all Pres subjected to this? And whats the long gterm side-effects of keeping this phone if it cocntinues to get hot, any long term damage to screen/cracks etc? But shouldnt that be covered by palms warranty, or would i need the O2 insurance too?

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    I haven't noticed any over heating issues so far, even when on charge it only gets slightly warm to the touch.

    It will get a little warm espically when in use for a while; long periods of browsing over 3G, long phone calls ect (most smartphones run hot after long periods of usage)

    But it shouldn't get so hot that you can't touch the thing!

    To clear up insurance V warranty

    Warranty; Any defect or situation where the device is operating outside of normal procedure ( dead pixels, loose slider hinges, over heating, battery drain, loose/jammed keyboard keys ect )

    Insurance; Cover for Loss, Theft, Water Damage & accidental damage.

    The insurance is only 7.50 p/mnth, non-contracted so you can ditch it penalty free at any time, 25 excess and a brand new handset will be issued within 24hrs to your home address.

    I wouldn't put it on home insurance as the excess you have to pay is usally around 100 plus.

    To answer the question, if the phone is running abnormally hot then its a warranty issue and depending on how long you have had the handset you can get it exchanged or sent for a free repair.
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    Have noticed at hot a couple times, once watching youtube over wifi and I think the other was browsing. Wasnt too hot to touch though, and I just put it down to the processor working hard.
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    I've just had my first experience of a hot Pre.

    About 7min in to a 25min convo, the back of the phone (below the PALM logo only) started to get extremely hot!!
    I slide the keyboard out and as per the original post, the keyboard too was very hot!!

    Both parts of the phone: not too hot to touch with bare hand/skin but definitely hotter than you'd expect your phone or any electronic device to get. Kinda worrying.

    Anyone else seen similar issues?
    More importantly, should it command a return/warranty claim?
    What have you guys done?
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    It's only an "overheating" when the phone actually freezes or doesn't operate stable due to the heat.

    The heat has to go somewhere and you don't have space for good cooling. Mobile chips are often allowed to reach temperatures of up to 100 Celsius.

    Don't care about the heat But yes, my Pre can get quite hot as well after pushing it hard.
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    Today i drived with a bus to work an heared music. After 45 mins, the backside was very very hot!!!...I thougt my Pre will be exploding every moment But nothing happend But i was very surprised about that!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by FischOderAal View Post
    But yes, my Pre can get quite hot as well after pushing it hard.
    7min of talk time is not pushing it hard though, far from it.

    It definitely not the battery area (as thats the upper part of the backside), its the bottom half.

    It's not ideal, and I doubt everyone's Pre get's its heat on , therefore something must be causing it whether its a defect or something related to a particular task. (Note: my Pre was doing nothing apart from taking a conversation, no data updates, no data, no other cards, no nothing).
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    From what ive noticed its only when the pre is using its internal data radio, 3G/2G, try streaming a video on youtube through 3G connection and within a few minutes your pre will be baking.

    To avoid this i'm using wi-fi wherever possible but i shouldnt have to do this

    Thanks for the posts guys and clarification on the warranty, i've also noticed slight discolouration of the screen on the right side when its hot so will keep an eye on the issue.

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