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    Newbie alert...newbie alert...

    Anyone know of any expense tracking apps for WebOs yet? Or barring that, does anyone have direct experience with one that works well with Classic? I just started a new job and need a way to keep a very good record of mileage, expenses, time traveled..etc.

    Thanks in advance!

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    download checkbook, its perfect!
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    Quote Originally Posted by eyinar View Post
    download checkbook, its perfect!
    Thanks for the help but that's more of a check and account register. I need something to track mileage and reimbursable expenses for my employer. Thanks again.

    Anyone else?

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    Do you Twitter? Check out "Tweet What You Spend". That may work well for you. If not, I think Quicken may have an expense app in the works.
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    Need us some Pocket Quicken.

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