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    I have the same exact feeling.
    WebOS doesn't seem to be going many places. A while ago I was hyped for all the things going on like themes and apps and patches... but now it's wearing off because I feel like we're limited.

    Battery is okay (now that I'm in an area with good coverage). I love Sprint and I do like Palm (gotta love underdogs), but I just am not satisfied with this phone. I can't return it either, so eh.

    The worst part...
    I'm just entering college so I'm meeting new people all the time.
    You know what sucks? Telling others to wait while my contacts card loads so I can add them to my contacts...
    OR when I want to have lunch with them and it takes ages to not only open the calendar, but also to make an event.
    I don't know what to tell you... I just tested my contact card. It took like 2 seconds to open it, click the + to add a contact and immediately it brought me to the screen to type in their number and name. I experienced zero lag...

    I'm going to record some videos with my flip cam. Some speed tests. I want you guys to check them out and tell me if I am on crack and my device is slow. Because I'm really confused when people are saying things are so slow...

    I'll post links in a few.
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    I have noticed that moving my email to the /media/internal has sped up my phone quite a bit. I used the mvapp script. Just a thought for some of you seeing lag lag lag..... Someone should also write and app called "nolag". It should go through and do some cleanup without a restart. That would be great.
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