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    I'm loving my Pre and I've got several apps which I would like developers to consider updating so that they autostart/launch when my Pre starts up...

    Switcharoo is the only app which I currently have that always runs on boot...

    We should be able to set a switch that makes the app run on boot or at have a Launcher page that simply runs all apps that are present on that page...

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    Take a look at this thread.. to download "applaunch". If you install this via webOS Quick Install, use the Device Management in QI to get the names of the apps (e.g. switcharoo is ) and then create a single launch icon, you will at least get a 1-click way to load up a bunch of apps.

    I do this to launch messaging, email, quick contacts, agenda, switcharoo and brightness unlinked every time i restart my phone!
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    I can get the native apps to work but not the you need to include version info? (1.1.2 etc.)

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