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    The Pre was released in the UK 1 week ago. You guys in the USA have a head start on us here in terms of working through the problems with the device. I was amazed to see for instance that I can't forward a text message. I can see that patches exist for this for users in the USA. Does anyone have any idea if the system for downloading and installing patches from this site will work on UK devices?
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    i dont know

    but I would cautious people against this.

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $UK$ $Pre$ $is$ $not$ $running$ $same$ $webOS$ $version$ $as$ $US$ $version$, $there$ $have$ $been$ $changes$ $with$ $each$ $version$ $and$ $Preware$ $has$ $been$ $changed$ $accordingly$.

    I suggest WebOS Quick Install, as well as Preware release a tested version for non US version. Before that, be careful.
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    Head over to the following thread:
    From those mythical lands beyond the great USA...

    It is a convergence device not mankind's disc/filmography.

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