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    I have noticed after syncing with facebook that the quality of the pic is very bad when making calls etc will this be fixed in update as I am from uk.
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    Actually, now that you mention it, I am having a similar issue. I'm in the states, running WebOS 1.2.1 and I noticed it about a week ago. But the contacts of mine that are blurry, and this wasn't the case originally, are the ones I took pictures of using the Pre's camera and then to which I manually assigned the photo. Not sure if this is a totally different issue, but odd nonetheless.
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    I did not sync with FB because I did not want to deal with the 700 odd contacts I had there. Instead I added the FB pictures of the contacts I did want on my Pre to their Gmail profile. Like you the picture quality drops when making/receiving calls.
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    I sync my through google and I noticed it comes out ALOOOTTTT better if I put the pic in directly from the computer than putting it through the phone. once I do it from my computer it showed up 2 minutes later on my phone contacts a lot clearer. I'm not sure what to do about facebook though.
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    you see a really cba with going into my computer just to get pics of contacts would just be nice for palm to sort it out in future update?

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