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    Last week I tried to launch my camera app and it displayed the camera icon in the middle (like it normally does when first launched) but just sat there.... 5 minutes... 10 minutes.... 20 minutes.... nothing. I did a reboot. No change. Pulled the battery. Still no camera app would load....

    Tried this again for the next few days and could never get it to load. It would just sit there. Then... I was trying different things and I took the back off and pushed on the battery and the app opened right up. I played around with it and figured out that if I pushed even on the back between the speaker and the camera lens, it would make the camera load immediately. Now it is back to loading right away.

    Here's my question -- do I have some kind of loose connection or faulty hardware? What should I do about it? I don't think Sprint will take it back because the camera is currently working.... but I don't want to be stuck with it when the camera goes tits up again.
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    I have a very similar problem. If I snap the keyboard open (or closed), the camera will come up. I also have a problem with the video corrupting sometimes, which is also temporarily fixed by snapping the slider. I'm debating taking it to the Sprint store to have it replaced under warranty.
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    I finally broke down and got my Pre replaced under warranty. On the bright side, it looks like a new unit ("new" being a relative term...) and not a refurb. The hardware is a month newer than my old one and looks like it has a couple of the engineering fixes like the battery pad.
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    I've had my Pre since June, but didn't try to use the camera until recently. I was puzzled to find that all I could ever get was that mid-screen icon. Resets, battery pulls, cycling the slider, pressing here and there in the back -- nothing gets the camera to open, although the camera icon blinks at me from time to time.

    This doesn't seem to be a widespread problem, but best I can tell from the reports that are out there, the only reliable fix is to exchange the Pre. My Pre has been great otherwise, and I rarely want to use the camera, so this is a tough choice.
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    On my new Pre, the camera fires up in just a second or two. On the old one, it was 5-10 seconds, and then I only had a few seconds to take a picture before it went wonky.

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