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    Hey there!!

    Im from Germany and first of all--> Great site!! Great apps!
    But now, just a lil question!
    Exist a forum like thisone in german?

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    Found it by myself! THX
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dollardaddy View Post
    Found it by myself! THX
    ... and I am quite sure you found Nexave.
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    mind to share?
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    Nice to meet you guys. I am also from Germany. I am still on WebOS 1.1.3 . Does anyone here know when we (in Germany) will get the WebOS update 1.2.1 ?

    Thank you very much,
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    @chander Noone knows for sure, however the rumor is that the gsm pres will forgo 1.2.1 altogether and move to 1.3 with the US sometime in november.
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    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    @mrloserpunk : Thank you verymuch for that rumour . I am waiting eagerly for November for that Rumour to become true !

    @Dollardaddy: Found this forum in german, thought it might be useful for you!

    -> www(dot)


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