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    It would be more to get the EVDO network anyway more than for voice...
    The current AirRave device does not support EVDO. Rumors have been around for many months that a new model will, but AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $there$ $has$ $not$ $been$ $any$ $confirmed$ $sightings$ $or$ $date$ $one$ $may$ $be$ $released$.

    Remember too that for it to work, you must already have broadband and therefore can easily have WiFi available too, which will give you your full broadband speed instead of just 3G speeds.

    So to me, the only real advantage of a 3G capable AirRave seems to be the ability to watch Sprint TV (which does not work over WiFi). But if you are at home, why would you want to watch a 3.1" screen?
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    ATM, it would be for apps in Preware or updating I suppose (I don't remember being able to do that without EVDO). Yeah, I have the net here so I wouldn't use it instead of my home computer. As for the Airave itself... I'll just call it a FAIL all around then. So... is there a damn signal booster that just does that boost my signal without a fee and that doesn't cost an arm n a leg?? I figure if there is one I'll be getting cancer soon anyway.
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    Sorry to hear that. We've been using our Airave sice late last year, reasonably well. Besides the fact that the GPS doesn't always kickin and authorize forcing placing the GPS unit outside using the extension cord.

    Speed isn't great, but much better then no signal at all from our home. Until Sprints service in our area is our only option from inside our house. Sorli...
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