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    yeah man ever since i got my pre lifes a little easier because i work as an IT at two different casinos and its kinda hard keepin track of all my passwords and schedules and where i gotta be whats comin next and all that good stuff..... plus i smoke a lotta mary jane soo yeah definetly helps keepin track of stuff
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    My wife and I both love our Pre's. Had both since launch day, had to replace one as it went crazy calling everyone in my contacts. Wife at first was not to trilled with the phone, but now she loves and would not trade for anything. We also have 2 iphones that we need when we go to a certain area and sprint service is null for our businesses and for 1 app. Both of us hate the iphone now. I like all the tweaks to make the phone the way I want it. The Pre keeps getting better and better as times go forward
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    I love my Pre. My teachers that have now purchased a Pre tell the Sprint store that I should make a commercial for the Pre as much as I talk about it. This phone is a time saver/waster. It organizes my work time but when I have nothing to do or something and just want to procrastinate I am on the forum constantly searching for new tweaks.
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    I love my Palm Pre, even tho I am on my 2nd. I bought my 1st Pre on launch day and had it for nearly 3 months with 0 problems. I took it back to the Sprint store just to have them look at very slight screen problem. A very small area on the two lower corners of the screen looked like something was separating inside the phone. You could not see it when the display was on, only when off. But Sprint replaced the phone w/ a refurb. This Pre has been perfect for 7 weeks. The only problem was that I lost all contacts and calendar events when the Palm Profile did not back up when I tried to transfer to my new Pre. Very mad at Palm. Now I back up everything in Google. I now have both company MS. Exchange email and calendars and personal email and calendars on my Pre. Very cool!
    I love my Pre!
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    I've had my Pre for just over two months now. Granted, there was the initial learning curve that drove me temporarily mad, but once I got over that I started to explore Homebrew and then later the wonderful world of patches and tweaks. Right now, all I can say is that this is the best phone I've ever owned. Is it perfect? No. I've yet to ever own a "perfect" cell phone. However, the Pre's functionality far outweighs anything I've ever owned. The WebOS is the most stable operating system I've ever had, and I love that I can browse to almost any website (that doesn't use flash) for whatever purposes I may have.

    The apps, while they are relatively few, are pretty cool and I love that we are all seeing a definite growth in that particular market. The way that I'm now "connected" to the Internet has totally changed my life. Most of my simple web browsing and internet correspondence I can now do with my Pre from the comfort of my chair while watching TV instead of sitting in front of my computer.

    I love my Pre and I would easily recommend it to anyone that wants to a phone comparable to the iPhone or Blackberry.
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    My husband and I have each owned a Pre since Sept. 1 (and I received my rebates today, 10/24). We are both very happy owners. Just like with anything new, there is a learning curve, but it didn't take long to figure things out. I've read about the issues people are having with the Pre, and I haven't had any of the problems listed. I do take care of it though. I don't throw it around and I keep it in it's included pouch whenever I put it in my bag or pocket. I also have a PhantomSkinz on the screen only. I purchased the touchstone for charging it which I feel is a needed accessory. I was amazed by how much I use it and enjoy it. It has made my life much easier in many ways.
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