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    Had mine for about a month now with 0 hardware or software glitches. Hate the keyboard but that is my only real gripe aside from some options I wish the phone had. Those have been talked about extensively elseware so I won't repeat.

    I like it so much I am trying to swap a brand new HTC Touch Pro 2 for a Pre for my wife.
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    My wife and I both love our Pre's. Hers is pretty much stock, mine only has a few tweaks on it (Notification light, turn off the charging notification). Love the phone.
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    The only reason the screen would be cluttered is if you make it that way. With Widgets you can have a simple home screen with time, date, weather and message indications. You can have everything under the sun or whatever you choose. Sounds like you looked but didn't play. I setup my home screen with a sports ticker widget at the top (perfect for this time of year with baseball, football and hockey going on). A simple date and weather widget and then icons for the accounts, sms, vm, calendar and contacts. And a basic text agenda view of upcoming appts. It's laid out very well and gives me the main things I use every day in front of me at a glance. Your screens are completely customizable to the point you can create your own folders to put whatever you wanted in there (speed dials, games, and so on). I don't remember having that much control over the Pre. And that's only one screen. I can swipe left or right and customize those screens as well.

    Android is definitely worth checking out. Especially when you'll have about 6 different handsets to choose from on three different carriers. All handsets having expandable memory (the droid coming with 16gb) and some much better keyboards. Don't miss my Pre at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by myrcgarage View Post
    However, after playing with HTC Hero, I am glad I chose the Pre for its simple and elegant interface. To me, handheld devices already have very small screen. I don't need a lot of things to clutter the screen.

    I love my Pre!
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    I've had my Pre since July and really enjoy it. I was reluctant at first to Homebrew, tweak and patch, but it turns out that--for me--these are the things that keep the phone interesting. Not to mention the fact that these items make for a much more usable phone. I came from a Centro, and a couple of Blackberries before that (and the usual phones before that back to a brick of a car phone), and have found that the Pre suits my uses very well. Is it perfect? No. There are things I wish Palm would do. Even though there is now a patch for deleting all email, I don't understand why that wasn't written in from the start. The battery seems seriously undersized for the phone. Things like that are kind of perplexing. But, I love the keyboard, universal search, browsing is very good, and gestures seem very intuitive. So, on balance, I'd say I'm very satisfied with my Pre.
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    Wow! Excepted for the minor hijacking this has turned into a great thread.

    I'm fortunate to have gotten a hold of a backup Pre from a buddy on the cheap with a clean ESN. If any issues do arise, I wont have one of those "7 days without a phone" horror stories.

    Thank you with all the replies, this thread has made me feel good about my purchase.
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    I absolutlely love palm products, and have been waiting patiently for the pre. My hubby actually gave me his iphone, which I reurned because I did not like it. I have had the pre for three days and thanks to precentral/ homebrew applications, I am enjoying it more and more.
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    I love my Pre. Always room for improvement with anything, but I can't think of anything that fits the way I like to work better.

    When (if) Agendus comes to the Pre OR if Palm makes everything work together - contacts linked to tasks, appointments, memo's etc - then I'll be thrilled and may decide to see if I can be a Palm Rep!
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    I love my Pre, as well! I still see the Pre in the 'Early Adopter Period', so any isses at this point are minor and things I associate with any new product launch. I agree that Palm needs to know the issues, but the dire post threads just make me shake my head.

    I was going to say 'I love my Palm', but that sounds a little risque...
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    Quote Originally Posted by s33ker View Post
    Hello, I've been pouring over Pre information for the last 4 days and made the decision to order a Pre despite the potential build quality issues.

    I would like to hear from people who have had the Pre for any length of time and are happy with it. Have you had any build quality issues and are still happy?

    Please, I only want to hear from people who have had good experiences with the Pre.
    Welcome to the family. I've had my Pre (bought at full price!) since late June and I am still extremely happy with my purchase. My girlfriend also purchased one and loves it. Normally I'm the kind of person who switches phones every 6 months or so and easily got bored with my previous purchases but the Pre still excites and amazes me every day.
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    i love my pre

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    Purchased my Pre about a week ago. Just had to get it replaced yesterday due to the power shutting off on closing the keyboard issue. Had no trouble at Sprint, they just gave me a new one. They didn't even inspect the phone I gave them. I was surprised that the second one had the silvery home button/earpiece. After researching it seems Palm might be building them slightly different and hopefully better. So far so good. Overall it seems more solid, much less wobble, and the keyboard feels better for some reason.

    Having had the original phone for about a day I already knew I made the right choice. WebOS is really the star here and I can't seem to put the phone down. The UI is really intuitive. The card system is genius. I would definitely have some minor complaints if it wasn't for the homebrew community's hard work. Most of the other issues I know will be taken care of in future updates.
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    I've had mine since the day it was released and I really like it. I also have two touchstone for my nightstand and one for my car.

    There are a few things that need to be improved, especially if you have been a palm user/fan, but overall it's a great phone that combines basic yet usefull features into a great design.
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    Had mine since launch day...LOVE IT. I do have the little yellow spot on the bottom of the screen, but I can live with it. I don't want to exchange and risk getting a recycled phone or one that is worse than mine. I like the shape of the phone, its feel, the screen is sharp and I even like the keyboard. My fat fingers do reasonably well. Oh, and having a real browser and WIFI is icing on the delicious cake.
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    Chose the Pre after lurking in here and in the CrackBerry/BlackBerry forums for a few months. It was between the Pre and the Tour (I wouldn't leave Sprint, their coverage is great in my area and with Any Mobile, Any Time, it was a no brainer). In any case, the Tour seems to have MANY, MANY, more issues than the Pre from what I've been reading. My experience so far has been spot on! I'd recommend popping for the Touchstone and a Seidio Innocase. You'll be happy with your decision!
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    I beat the hell out of mine and it keeps on a ticking..... replaced my work pre because of a speaker issue but my personal one that I bought on launch day has been dropped countlessly, dropped in a fish tank, massive oreo, and blown speaker and it still works. When the Pre2 comes out I am gonna bring this thing in and drop it on their desk for a replacement and they will probably gasp. How the thing continues to work is beyond me but I love it... It's like having a personal linux machine attached to my hip. WebOS is outstanding also...
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    You're already set on buying it so go get one, but don't come complaining afterwards.

    I don't like mine, but there are no better alternatives.
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    enjoy your pre!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    Launch day Pre here, no hardware problems (well, I did have the "stuck in headset mode" issue, but I fixed that with a qtip and some rubbing alcohol--I believe all Pre are susceptible to this issue).

    There have been threads about people who are still on their first Pre. There are a lot of us, but we're less vocal than the malcontents.
    well, you know what they say about sqeaky wheels.

    I've had my Pre since late June and have had no problems with it. I don't like the USB port cover, but I don't think anyone does.
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    Got one launch day, added a 2nd about 45 days later and a third 2 weeks ago. So, yeah, I think we like our Pre's - a lot.
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    yeah man ever since i got my pre lifes a little easier because i work as an IT at two different casinos and its kinda hard keepin track of all my passwords and schedules and where i gotta be whats comin next and all that good stuff..... plus i smoke a lotta mary jane soo yeah definetly helps keepin track of stuff
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