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    does anyone have this problem or heard of it? When I get my first voicemail, i have a notification saying "1 new voicemail" and when I go to the dialer, it shows the little (1) in a circle on top of the voicemail button.

    The problem is, if i don't check that voicemail, and receive other ones, I'm not notified. I could get 10 more voicemails, and it only ever shows 1.

    When I went into the Bell store, the guy said "maybe the pre is supposed to do that", and started helping another customer. I can't imagine any phone designed to tell you that you only have 1 voicemail.

    Anyone have an issue like this or any ideas?
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    Hey, yeah I had the same problem. I took out my battery and reset my phone and now that little voice notification is gone. I was told not to take out my battery unless it was a last resort, and it was. So yeah, just take out the battery. Look on google for instructions how to do it cause its tricky. Then the notification should be gone after.

    Hope this helps.

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