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    After a bit of work, I upgraded my Laptop from Win Vista x64 to Win 7 x64 Professional. I had to still uninstall a few files, but it could've been much worse. Anyway, Palm Desktop 6.2.2 DOES WORK in Win 7, and I've been able to successfully Bluetooth hotsync with it and Classic on the Pre! I was able to maintain my categories--NO "uncategorizing" happened here. What a relief! Very happy that Palm Desktop works as it should since I use it regularly for work. I'm glad I didn't have to do a clean install and risk losing categories. Thanks PookiePrancer and Ramer84015 for your help.
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    Any fixes to this? I cant get mediasync to show up with WMP.
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    Me too
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    I was having the problem where iTunes was not showing the Pre in media sync mode (Wins 7 x64, Pre has Preware/Patches)

    Whats happening is the phone is interfering with other drivers. Go into manage computer (or Device Manager) and remove the Ipod driver listed under drives. The phone should kick back out to just charging mode (without you clicking eject). Without unplugging the USB cable, click the notification icon on the phone and change it back to Media Sync. This will cause the drivers to reinstall and iTunes should pick up your phone again and sync!

    Good luck
    Sprint Palm Pre-
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    I run Windows 7 Ultimate and have had absolutely no hiccups. I homebrew, have myTether, and all these things and had no problems whatsoever. Windows 7 quickly recognized and installed. I think what you are experiencing isn't so much just a Windows 7 problem.
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