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    what do i need to remove to update my phone do i have to remove preware or do i go into webos quick install and uncheck everything help
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    u do not have to remove preware, just download emergency patch recovery to remove all patches
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    You do notneed to delete Preware or filecoaster. You just have to uninstall all you tweeks, patches and themes. There is a program in Preware called Emergency Patch Recovery (just go to "List Everything" and start typing the file name) that will take care ofmost of it. Read the nstructions BEFORE running the program and DO NOT run it until AFTER you uninstall any themes. If you want to be on the safe side, run it and then go to QuickInstall and verify everthing is off. (NOTE - not sure if you have to bein Dev Mode for this to work)
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    very best way is to get the webos repair utility from this site. when you run it click options/ override compatability. this will get rid of all patches, tweeks, errors, or any left over junk and put you right back at webos 1.2.1
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    where is webos repair utility did not find

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