Hello together,
my first post here :-)

In a contact I've 2 similar phone numbers:

a) +4917812345678 that's the normal mobil number
b) +491789912345678 that's the voice mailbox

If I search for this contact name, Pre offers me number b) and only b)!
But if I search in Phone-App, Pre offers me number a) and only number a)!

Whats going on here?

I experienced Pre scans the number from the right side - the 7 rightmost digits.
If they are identical within a contact, one number will be suppressed.

Is there a trick to code the numbers in a different manner so Pre offers both (0049 or 0178... won't work)?

Best regards,
P.S. German Pre since a week with webOS 1.1.3 - we aren't able to update to 1.2x