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    I had to call 911 yesterday. My phone went into this emergency mode. I found it to be crappy. Everything was very slow. (can anyone tell me why)
    Even after the call the phone wouldn't respond very well to anything, and oh my god it was so slow functioning. It was so slow I had to restart the phone.

    If Palm is taking suggestions. This phone should display your current position or at least the nearest major intersection when you call 911.
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    ^ that would be cool (the showing location automatically) Im sure you were in a emergency situation but you coulda just used google maps. BUT sometimes when you have low service the location can be quite far off from the actual.
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    Thankfully have never had to dial 911 with my Pre, but I have with other phones. My last phone, a samsung, went into "emergency mode" -- it turned GPS location on and would not let you dial any other number until you help down the * and # keys at the same time.

    I wonder if the slowness you indicate was due to its attempt to gain a GPS location for your phone. I guess it would be nice to know what to expect when dialing 911, does anyone know exactly what it will do and why?
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    I guess it would be nice to know what to expect when dialing 911....
    No doubt! This is the first I've heard of this. Since we've recently snipped the landline I, too, think it would be nice to know what to expect. Calling 911 was the last major consideration that gave us pause before making the cut, especially since we have kids in the house. If GPS is trying to get a lock while we're indoors....

    I wonder if there's any # you can dial to test this emergency mode? 910? 811?

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    I am pretty positive that emergency services have access to your GPS data even if it's on or off.

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