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    I'm not sure how many people have had this issue, but a couple days ago my touchscreen started acting up. Without my hand anywhere near the screen, random parts of the screen acted like they were being pushed. This makes it very tough to use the phone, as random numbers are dialed, random apps are opened, airplane mode is turned on, etc. Have any of you had this issue?

    I went into a sprint store, and they ordered me a new phone. When I login with my palm profile on the new phone will all my settings be transferred over? Including ringtones, contact links, photos, homebrews, etc? Is there anything I need to backup onto a pc first?
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    Your palm profile will only backup your contacts. Your texts, ringtones, etc.. all need to be backed up by you if you so choose.

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    Thanks. Yes I am, excited for hockey tonight.
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    Yep, same thing happened to my Pre about 3 months after I got it (bought it on launch day). It would open apps, dial numbers, all without me touching the screen. Also parts of the screen stopped responding to touches. Never dropped it or damaged it in any way. Sprint ordered me a replacement refurb phone. So far so good...keeping my fingers crossed.
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    W00t, Go Wings!
    Screw the Wings! They're washed up!

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