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    I was watching Ghost hunters on syfy last night (not sure if it was a "new" episode, but it was one I've never seen where the team is at an old theatre in chicago and the guy showing them the place looked like a dirty hippie) and at the end of the episode when jay and grant are discussing the case in their SUV, i noticed a pre pouch sitting on the arm rest next to jay. you know, the one that comes with our pre's. I thought to myself "F&*( Yeah TAPS knows where the best technology is AT!" lol just thought I'd share.
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    i check the video in on demand sprint tv i saw the walkie talkie and something orange i tink thats what you taking about looks like
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    Most recent episode as this post, I don't watch the series much myself, but my wife is a fan, any way, she say Jason with what looked like a black and orange pre pouch, talking on the phone, you couldn't see the phone, while jason and grant were on a roto rooter job....looks like a pre pouch to outside, vibrant orange inside.

    Note: The episode pertains to the Mark Twain House...if that means
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    It's not new. I posted that w/ a pic a few weeks ago.
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