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    Screen locking with a PIN or Phrase.
    Has anyone else found this buggy?

    When I received a call I could not hang up. Then the other caller did. However I was left with the green screen of the dialler once my call was ended. Then I could not see the PIN screen to unlock my Palm. So I had to remove my battery.

    Restarting my Palm I pressed by accident emergency calls instead of unlocking the device. So I had to explain to the person that sorry but I had a new phone and I pressed the wrong button. I think there needs to be a confirm here too.

    The issue with the locked screen "locking" has happened to me more than once, so I had to disable it in the end. Anyone knows if this is a "known" issue and if a fix is coming?

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    Just in case someone reads this later on, there are now patches to remove the "emergency call" button from the dialer....

    Also I haven't recently experienced any more dialer freezes after installing 1.2.1

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